LGBT Youth Suicide Risk Factors (these factors apply to youth overall but are more prevalent among LGBT adolescents)

  • Suicide attempts by acquaintances
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  • Depression, anxiety and/or substance abuse (mal-adaptive coping skills)
  • Social inequity, sparse social networks, lack of legal protections, hostile school or work environments, verbal or physical harassment, persecution or victimization
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Homelessness and/or dropping out of school
  • Lack of positive role models and support
  • Family dysfunction or family rejection
  • Identity conflict or identity confusion

LGBT Youth Suicide Protective Factors

  • Positive media and community role models
  • Strong social support network to develop self-esteem (family and friends)
  • School policies that specifically protect LGBTQ students
  • Social inclusion (positive inclusive community and school spaces)
  • Access to school, community and web-based resources